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Perledo is a little village in the province of Lecco and is located on the eastern shore of Como Lake, just after Varenna and before Bellano. From Perledo you can reach Esino Lario (the mountains called "Le Grigne") and Valsassina.

The municipal covers an area of ​​5 sq miles and is inhabited by less than 1,000 inhabitants, to which are added thousands of tourists especially in the period June - August, attracted by the nearby villages of Varenna and Bellagio, by the landscape and by the good air.

Where we are:

Perledo is 15 miles away from Lecco, and 46 miles from Milan.

How to reach us:

Almost all the trains of the Milan-Tirano National Railways stop at the Varenna-Perledo-Esino station.

Information on timetables and service:

The state road N.36, a four-lane freeway, allows you to reach Perledo by car with an hour's drive from Milan (Bellano exit).

Those who have more time can take the provincial road N.72 that runs along the lake with a path of great landscape value or the provincial road N.62 that crosses the Valsassina.

The hydrofoils of "Navigazione Lago di Como" dock in Bellano; Varenna is connected by a service of boats and ferries for people and vehicles with Bellagio and Menaggio. Information and timetables:


  • Bellano (Circolo Umberto I Hospital - Via Carlo Alberto 25, Tel: 0341829211)
  • Lecco (Manzoni Hospital - Via dell'Eremo, 9/11 Telephone: 848 884 422)
  • Gravedona (Moriggia Pelascini Hospital - Via Moriggia Pelascini, 3, Gravedona CO - Telephone: 0344 92401)

Photos of small villages located in Perledo[1]

The center of Perledo is about 2 miles from Varenna.

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